A fast moving business like aviation has the challenge to keep up with all the new technologies while maintaining the same level of security that is required. We deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for optimizing various parts of the complex aviation domain.

In more detail

Regional and global economies have a significant impact on the growth and financial performance of the aviation sector. Companies have to anticipate on changes in customer demand. Effective cost control is therefore an important aspect in the aviation sector to maintain operations and meet customer demand, while making appropriate investments based on future projections. Airlines are up against multiple challenges regarding growth. They have to both maintain their current fleet and purchase new aircrafts in order to replace outdated aircrafts and to handle a change in travel movements. Airports are being tasked with upgrading or downgrading terminals, sizing of waiting areas and building shops in order to accommodate changes in the amount travellers.

The field of Quantitative Optimization provides many opportunities for the challenges within the aviation sector. By using the knowledge and skills of our experienced consultants, Quo Mare can help you to overcome these challenges. Our expertise and projects address (among others):

  • Forecasting passenger and cargo demand
  • Fleet sizing
  • Aircraft Routing
  • Process Optimization of an Airport
  • Space Allocation Models for Airports (based on passenger flows)

Applying quantitative optimization techniques to your Aviation challenges results in better performance throughout the operation, increase in customer demand, reduction in operational costs and emissions by minimizing the needed resources.