Our creative and dedicated team shares a passion for solving complex Mathematical Challenges and Data Science.
Our purpose is to deliver smart, high-end optimization solutions to our clients to optimize their business, of course our team is well equipped to achieve this, but by connecting to industry experts we are able to deliver even better solutions than on our own!


Rutger de Mare
Founder QuO Mare
Gregor Brandt
Partner QuO Mare
Mark van der Goot
Optimization Consultant
Jaron Davelaar
Optimization Consultant
Nort Thijssen
Optimization Consultant
Menno van Beek
Optimization Consultant


Thijs Langeveld
Healthcare expert, founder
Jan van Schijndel
Energy Transition Expert


Are you looking for a sparring partner who knows how to start with innovation and digitization?

Our company

QuO Mare uses Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI to optimize business processes. Our bright and creative minds support our clients to generate business value from data.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support our clients in their optimization challenges using Advanced Analytics models and techniques.

Our Approach

At QuO Mare, we value high quality and service. At the same time we pride ourselves in our no-nonsense mindset and pragmatic approach.