Rapidly evolving regulations, increased customer and employee demands, combined with a scrutinizing public opinion, continuously add new layers of complexity to the healthcare industry. Our insights of each player, whether a doctor, patient, manager, or planner, contributes to our ability to help manage these complexities without losing track of the human side of the issues.

In more detail

The healthcare industry is currently under pressure to ensure high quality of patient care at low costs. To keep costs low healthcare professionals currently focus on the digital transformation to tackle problems such as the planning of: roster capacity like ER’s, a collaborative workforce such as doctor training programs and disruptive events. The healthcare industry thus face complex decision problems that affect the total cost of planning problems. Quo Mare enables its clients within the healthcare industry to deal with these problems, by developing tools that exploit quantitative optimization techniques.

Quo Mare enables its clients to increase efficiency in crew planning, ER planning, capacity planning with shared resources for both short and long term planning horizons. Quo Mare provides its clients with web-based, user friendly tools. Our tools are specifically dedicated to our clients’ needs, which results in better solutions than standard optimization software. The benefits for Quo Mare’s clients range from cost decreases to planning automatization and robust tools to enable our clients to successfully embrace their digital transformation.